Saturday, May 19, 2012

Horatio Shakespeare

It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you the Shakespeare Legacy has suffered a loss. While we are not completely clear on the exact circumstances we received the news that Horatio Shakespeare was lost on the planet Taris. Horatio was everything a Jedi Consular was supposed to be and His loss will be felt throughout the Shakespeare Legacy family. While we are saddened by the loss we are also comforted by the fact that His place in the Shakespeare Legacy is being filled by a distant cousin Saturninus Shakespeare who has just finished his training on Tython as a Jedi consular as well. Horatio was an inspiration to us all and an outstanding Jedi that will be remembered by all the people who's life He touched. We will be releasing more information about Saturninus and his place in the Shakespeare Legacy in a later message as for now we would like to take a moment to remember Horatio and share our loss.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This is Tybalt

This is my Jedi Knight Tybalt. He is a Sentinel class Jedi Knight because I wanted to have two Light Sabers, if one is good then two is better or that's the way it looked to me at the time. He's not quit to level 50 yet but should be pretty soon. The Sentinel class is great for dealing out a huge amount of damage in a short amount of time. I am pretty sure He does that so whatever He is beating up at the time suffers less, He is insufferably noble and completely dedicated to the Light side of the Force. He can be a little annoying sometimes in a way that only the noble hero of a story can pull off. I'm pretty sure He would be boring in a night on the town but if you are going to pick a fight He is just the guy you want along with you. As long as you don't tell him you plan to actually pick the fight before you go. His motto is "seek the ways of peace, endeavor to preserve rather than destroy, for all life is precious and can never be replaced".

Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome I thought I would share my latest obsession

Hi There I thought I was out of the MMORPG habit as I had closed all of my other accounts and not been a slave to the online gaming community for over a year. Then what happens? Bioware and Lucasarts bring out Star Wars the Old republic MMO and guess what....Unlike the last Star Wars MMO Star Wars Galaxies you can actually play with a light saber. Well my will power was over ruled by my Geek power and I had to get in on the early release of SWTOR. but this time I had a plan, a method to my madness and obsession.

You see choosing names has always been the most difficult part of any MMO for me. A characters name really sets the entire tone of that characters game play. I always had a hard time matching a name to the characters I wanted to play. A name that would allow some to be evil and some to be good and others to be tragic. As I pondered the issue I struck on the perfect solution to my dilemma.

SHAKESPEARE to the rescue.

He has already created Characters that were everything I was looking for so I borrowed from his work and chose Names based on his Characters. I was even able to choose a perfect Legacy name in the game. So Here is a current list of my Characters and they are all in the Shakespeare legacy. I will try to introduce them one by one as we go along but this is a good place to give the entire list.